Samsung Needs to Make NX2

NX1 One Hit Wonder?

I sit here looking at my gear which has now grown a lot.  2 NX1 bodies the 16-50 and 50-150 2.8 S lens and NX30 with kit lens and a 12mm Rokinon f2.  Scratching my head thinking is this it? Is the NX line dead?  Everything I read on line leans that way.  All the reviews really speak highly of the NX1 and then they crash it with the cameras low light focus issues and sometimes its poor iso performance. I am not an amazing photog no one really knows me I shot homes for income I shoot parties and small wedding I make a little money doing those.  I shoot musicians for fun. I own a small studio I shoot a little bit of products and people there, but mostly I teach beginners in my studio.  Lets get back to Samsung, they made this amazing camera and its amazing because of all the features and image quality you get in a camera for 1500 dollars or so I bought my 2nd one used for 1050.   I am learning so much more about the camera now that I am teaching,  the NX1 has anything my students ask, this camera can do and type of focus connectivity bracketing it does it all.  Sure it sucks at somethings, But don't we all?  anyways I can talk about this camera all day and how nice it is but end of the day the sales have sucked and there is no respect for the NX line amongst fellow photos of other brands.  

Samsung needs to put out another camera perhaps the NX2 maybe put out another S lens.  I know this stuff just does happen over night and millions go into creating a camera or lens but we are talking about Samsung they have the power and funds to invest.  Like people always say not buy the first generation of a  car let them fix the bugs first let some years go by.  All the reviews I read sounds like this.  They all love the camera but i sense some fear in all the reviewers  as if they are  afraid  to tell people to go buy the camera.

I Feel the NX line can really grow and mature and I hope it will,  This camera has been a great value and tool to my business 


Samsung Please Don't Make The NX1 a One Hit Wonder