Is the NX1 Dead

Is the Samsung NX1 Dead.....

So this camera came out over a year ago and it was a monster of a camera.  Had all the specs all the looks it was like a sexy machine that could do it all.  It was a great value and had an amazing lens 16-50 2.0--2.8 S to go with it and another one in the making 50--150 2.8 S.  As if it wasn't sexy enough units own it had to equally  sexy lenses a great three-some. I have all three in my bag.   A year later and its been discontinued in parts of Europe, (not 100% sure) and talks of it here in the States....WHY WHY WHY.........  I see the reviews watch people on Youtube see images its all good I don't know why.  Is Sony and Fuji just killing it like that?  Did samsung not do enough?  

Here is my thoughts on this camera.  Its amazing. great image quality great ISO easy menu, perfect ergonomics they fucking nailed it..  it has it all


I hope Samsung continues with the NX line and keeps making cameras. I love My NX1